Why We Made ZAXME

What began as a frustration while traveling to find a decent restaurant and a refreshing cocktail on a roof deck in a new city, led to a group of friends who happened to be experiencing the same problems. Problems like finding a yoga studio, a bottle of wine, a bikini, and even the right kind of dog.

Then the 2016 election happened and we just got really sick of all of the fake news, fake reviews, fake social media accounts, tweets from fake Twitter accounts… Well, you get the picture. It wasn’t pretty.

So who do you trust became the question and we all thought, “those friends that are really informed about interests that are similar to my own. Friends who we wouldn’t even question their suggestions!”

Well, we asked more and more of our friends what they thought, and even though they had hundreds of social media “friends”, they felt that they really were not connected with them on a personal level. They even admitted they were tired of clicking all those likes!

With that, we began our journey and we are now ready to share ZAXME with you and we encourage you to share with the friends that you trust the most! So join, or better yet, create your own trusted circles of interest groups and invite those who share the same interests!