What is Zaxme?

Zaxme is a platform for users to create trusted circles of friends who share similar interests. You can create a Zax to share reviews or comments of the products, services, places and things of their interest, and also seek advice by posting a Quest? within their trusted circles of friends and people they trust.

How is Zaxme different from other social media platforms currently available?

Zaxme is a platform that allows users to create unique groups of friends that share similar interest. As there is an increasing amount of fake news, reports, ratings, trolling, and catfishing in the media today, it’s time to look to a social platform with news, reports and ratings that can be trusted.

What are some of the cool features of Zaxme?

Creating your own circles of interest, creating a Zax, or a Quest?, seeing how the same global circle views match your own, and connecting to those whose opinions or views you share.

How do I sign up for Zaxme?

You can sign up for Zaxme on iOS or Android mobile phones .These phones should have capability to receive SMS message as Zaxme will send a OTP (One Time Passcode) to the phone during the sign-up and login process.

How do I create a trusted circle in Zaxme?

Trusted circle are created from your contacts. You go to the contacts button, click on the ‘Add People’ button, select the person(s) you wish to add to the circles you wish to create, and then add them to your Trusted Contacts. Then you create your Trusted Circle Group and add those contacts into your Trusted Contacts within the Trusted Circle you want them to belong to. You can add more people to your trusted contacts at any time and add them to your trusted circle group(s) at any time.

What is a Zax?

Zaxme refers to a Zax as a review/post you are sharing with your friends within the specific Trusted Circle Group that you have common interest in.

What is a Quest?

Quest? refers to questions or advice you have for your trusted contacts within a Trusted Circle that you belong to.

Who can see my Zaxes and Quests?

Your Zaxes and Quests? are seen by your trusted contacts within the group you created and by Zaxme users that are connected to your trusted contacts. Your trusted contacts can reply to you and see your profile. The outer circle users may request to be connected to you in order to message you. Global Zaxme users can search on Zaxes and can see your reviews, but they cannot reach you or contact you.

Zax Feed

What is a Zax feed?

A Zax feed is comprised of instant updates and reviews from your contacts in the Trusted Circles that you belong to. The Zax feed shows activity from your groups only. You will not see any Zax feed from non-members, thus keeping unwanted clutter out of your feed.

How do I see trusted circle ratings?

You will see trusted circle ratings on any place, service, or thing created by your trusted circle contacts. You won’t see your ratings included in the overall rating, but your trusted circle contacts will! You will see the average ratings from your trusted circle members if they have seen, used, visited, or have an opinion on the Zax.

Whose Zaxes I can see?

You can see Zaxes from your trusted circle and also outer circle members in the Zax Feed.

Who are Zaxers?

Any user who creates Zaxes on products, services and things are referred to as Zaxers.

Who are outer circle Zaxers?

Outer circle Zaxers are connected to one of your trusted circle member(s) within another trusted circle to which you do not belong. When you click on the outer circle member profile, you will see from which of your trusted circle members you are connected.

Can I invite outer circle members to my trusted circles?

Yes. You need to click on the (+) plus sign next to outer circle Zaxer’s profile. Zaxme will send a request to that person seeking their permission to allow them to be part of your trusted circle. You will see an -> arrow on the profile until the person accepts the request and becomes one of your trusted circle members.

What are global views?

When a Zax is created and viewed by your trusted circle members and your outer trusted circles, it contributes to the global view. If a Zax has been made of the same place, thing or service by Zaxers in similiar circles around the world, it will also be recorded as a global view.

What is the blue plus (+) button?

This is called a floating button. By pressing the blue button, you can instantly create a Zax or Quest?. If you are in a particular group, you can create a Zax or Quest? and the group name will be auto populated.

What is the difference between trusted circle ratings and global ratings?

Ratings you see from your trusted contacts are trusted circle ratings. Ratings from outside of your trusted circle are considered global ratings. These come from outer circle members and global Zaxers in similar groups.

Can I favorite a specific Zax?

Yes, you can make any Zax a favorite. You can review your favorite zaxes from the “My Profile” page.

Can I hide Zaxes I don't want to see?

Yes, you can hide any Zax you don’t want to see in your Zax feed.

If I want to see hidden Zaxes, where do I see them?

You have to navigate to the “My Profile” page. From here, you will have the option to see hidden Zaxes.

Can I get directions to places when I click on the direction symbol?

Yes, the Zaxme app will use your device default navigation app for directions.

If I created a Zax earlier on a entity, service, or place, and I create another one, can I see all my Zaxes?

Yes, for any earlier Zax you created and any recent additional Zaxes you created, you will be able to see all your (collective) Zaxes by clicking on My Zaxes button.

Can I get to the comments directly within Zax?

Yes, when you receive a reply notification, simply click on the notification and it will take you to a screen in which you will be able to directly reply.

Can I edit my Zaxes?

Yes, you have ability to edit and delete any of your Zaxes.

Can I see pictures, audio and videos posted on Zaxes?

Yes, you can view pictures as well as play audio and videos.

Can I make comments on Zaxes created? Who can make comments?

You can add comments on any Zax you create and also on those Zaxes created by your trusted circle members. Your comments will also be available to be read and commented on by your trusted circle group members.

Can I see Zaxes from unknown Zaxers?

Yes, but only when you are searching through the search function. The search icon is located on upper right side corner on the app.

Can I reach, contact or comment on unknown Zaxers?

No, you cannot send a request or contact unknown Zaxers or comment on their Zaxes.

When I am viewing a Zax posted by my trusted circle members, can I post my Zax on the same? Do I need to enter the name and address of the business again?

No, you do not need to enter in the details again. You can simply press the (+) plus icon and create a Zax or a Quest? on that same Zax. The details will be pre-populated.


What is the character limit on a Quest?

The character limit is 500 characters.

What is the character limit on the title of a Quest?

The character limit is 50 characters.

To whom can I send a Quest?

You can send your Quest? either to your entire trusted circle members list, or to any single member of that trusted circle. You can also send to anyone in your trusted contacts.

Who can reply to my Quest?

People whom you selected can reply either individually or within your trusted circle group. If you have sent your Quest? to all or some of your trusted contacts, then they can reply.

Is this media stored on my device?

No. If you are using Zaxme to take pictures, record audio or record video, they will be directly uploaded to Zaxme servers. Nothing will be saved on your device, thus saving precious device memory.

Can I post media on a Quest?

Yes. You can post 8 pictures, audio with a max time limit of 3 minutes, and video with a max time limit of 3 minutes.

What is meant by a trusted introduction?

Any Zaxme user can use the trusted contact feature. This feature, indicated by an icon, is used when a trusted circle contact may not have an answer for you, but has another trusted contact of theirs (that you are not in contact with) that could contribute to the conversation. They then have the ability to contact his/her trusted contact and ask if they want to accept the request. You can approve or deny the trusted introduction. If you approve, they will be part of the conversation or Quest?.


Why are there 4 different types of searches?

Speed! Zaxme provides flexibility to search so that you get more relevant results and faster.

How are results displayed?

Searching on places will give you results in this order – from trusted circle Zaxes, to outer circle Zaxes, from global Zaxes, and then from those highly ranked in Google reviews on places. Searches within things, services and people will display results only from Zaxme.

I want to search for places in a location I am not in. How do I do that?

Zaxme provides flexibility to select a location you choose or to use your current location to search for Zaxes.

When I select a place and want to go, will I get driving directions?

Yes, you can select drive directions icon.

My Groups

What are groups?

Groups are created by members of the Zaxme community who want to have friends join them that have similar interest or expertise in that subject or area. Groups can be made on just about any interest you have! You can even create multiple groups on the same interest area if you wish!

How do I invite my friends and contacts to groups?

From the Zaxme platform, we provide many different ways to invite your friends into your groups by using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, or even email.

How can I create a new group?

With Zaxme, you can create your own groups and invite in those you want to join that Group from your Trusted Circle contacts. It’s easy – You select a category, give the group a name (50 characters max), add a minimum of 3 rating criteria, give the group description (500 characters max), and for better look of the group, add a picture. Note that once create the group you cannot edit the rating criteria.

How can I join a group?

It’s easy! There are a couple of ways! The first way – Once you sign up on Zaxme, create your “Trusted Contacts” list. From there, you can go to the “My Groups” icon and click the “Join” icon in the search bar to select the interest groups you want to join. These are Zaxme-generated interest groups that may contain people that are in your “Trusted Circle” contacts. You will see a number next to the title of the group which indicates how many of your “Trusted Circle” contacts are already in that group).

The second way – Receive an invite directly from the “Owner” of a “Custom” group who is in your “Trusted Contacts”, or you may “ask” the owner of a “Outer Circle” group if you could join. You may contact that owner only if the owner is in your “Trusted Contacts”.

What is the difference between JOINED and CREATED tabs within My Groups page?

Zaxme groups are categorized as Joined and Created. Under a Joined Group, you will see the groups which you have been invited to and joined from available Zaxme Groups or your Trusted Contacts Groups. A Created Group is a group which you have created and that you have invited your Trusted Contacts to join.

Can I move the My Groups icon the way I want to based on my preference?

Yes, groups icons can be moved by ‘long pressing’ on the group. You can move to any desired position, similar to the way you move your phone app icons.

Will I see notifications of unread Zaxes in my groups?

Yes, you will see a number in red on the group icon and also on the notification icon as well.

Can I see how many members are there in the group?

Yes, for every group you will see the number of members in parenthesis. For example, on the group ‘Food and Drinks (23)’, 23 represents the total number of members.

Can I see non-trusted members within groups?

No, you cannot see non-trusted members within your groups. Zaxme groups are for TRUSTED MEMBERS only.

Can I leave groups?

Yes. You can leave a group at anytime. However, all of your Zaxes will stay within the group.

Can I remove people from groups I created?

Yes, as the creator of the group, you can add or remove members within that group.

Can I search for groups within the My Groups page?

Yes, you can search for a group within My Groups. You can only search for the groups for which you are member of. You cannot search for groups created by other users within Zaxme.

Creating Zax

How do I create a Zax?

You can create a Zax by clicking on the blue button and selecting the “Create Zax” option. Select the type of Zax. For example, select ‘place’ for a location, select ‘things’ for items, or select ‘service’ for what you need to have done. Then, select the group where you want to post the Zax in and give your ratings. You can then write your comments. You can also select ‘photo’ if you want to post an image. Select ‘audio’ if you want to speak and record your verbal Zax or Select ‘video’ if you want to share a video.

Can I post my Zax on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter?

Yes, once you integrate your social media platforms, you can choose to post your Zaxes on social media platforms. Your Zax will show as a link in social media platforms, where users can view your post (if they are within your trusted circles). If not, they will get a link to download the Zaxme application. They will not be automatically invited into your trusted circles.

Can I post media like photos, audio and videos in a Zax? What is the length of media I can post?

Yes, you can post up to 8 photos, 3 minutes of audio and 3 minutes of video.

Will this media stored on phone?

No. If you have chosen to upload media directly from Zaxme app, all media will be stored in Zaxme app, thus saving you precious phone memory.

Can I delete my Zaxes?

Yes, you can delete a Zax, but only those created by you. Your Zax will remain on the Zaxme servers.

When I see media on Zaxme, will the media get downloaded to my phone?

No, when you see media, you are playing it directly from the Zaxme platform.

Why do I have to select a type and group before I post a Zax?

By selecting a type and group, we’re able to make Zaxes more relevant and structured for your trusted contacts.

Is there a character limit for posting a Zax?

Yes, you can post up to 500 characters in length on a Zax. These characters include spaces.

When I am viewing a Zax posted by a trusted circle member, can I post my Zax on the same? Do I need to enter the name and address of the business again?

Yes, you can post on the same entity. And no, you don’t need to enter the name and address of the business again.


How do I know which notifications I should be viewing?

You will see notification alerts on icons within your Zaxme application.

What type of notifications I will be receiving?

You will be receiving such notifications as 1) Accepting Group Invitations, 2) A New Zax or Reply on Zax, 3) A Quest? or replies on a Quest?, and 4) Acceptance of your Sent Invitation.

How do I differentiate between unread and read notifications?

Unread notifications will have a light grey background and read notification will have a white background.

Can I remove notifications?

Yes, you can either remove by sliding left or ‘long pressing’ on on the notification, select the notification and select the delete icon to delete selected notifications.

Can I search on notifications?

Yes, you can search on title of notifications.

How do I know if my contact is already a Zaxme user?

At the time of adding people in a trusted circle, you can see whether or not your contact is already on Zaxme if you see the…”I am on Zaxme” content underneath their contact name.

How do I add contacts to a trusted circle?

You can add by using the ‘add people’ button. The Zaxme app will alphabetically list your contacts. You can select one or many contacts and then click on the ‘done’ button. Once you click done, your friends will receive a text message from you inviting them to join Zaxme if they have not yet joined.

If I don't have any trusted contacts added, can I see Zaxes and Quests?

No. You cannot see any Quests? or Zaxes. You must select some trusted contacts. You can use the global search icon in the top left corner of the Zaxme application, however you will not be able to see their details and cannot ask questions. It’s in your best interest to add your trusted contacts into your trusted circles.

Who are trusted contacts?

Trusted contacts are those whom you trust and share common interests with. You add trusted contacts so you can begin to seek advice and recognize their competence for the areas of your interest you share.

What are mutual groups?

Mutual groups are groups in which you and your contacts have common interest in. You will only see your contacts’ interests based on a mutual group. You cannot see any of their other groups that you don’t have in common.

Why can't I see contacts' addresses?

Zaxme takes privacy seriously. We will never publish the address of the Zaxme user.

Can I call trusted circle contacts while I am viewing their profiles?

Yes, by clicking on the phone icon underneath their profile. However, the call will placed using your phone provider.

How do I remove a contact from my trusted contacts list?

Select the contact and slide left to click on the ‘remove’ button.

My Profile

How do I change my profile picture?

You can change your picture in your profile by clicking on your picture in the upper left side of the Zaxme App. Click on edit. You will see your profile data. You can then click on your picture to give you option of either choosing an existing photo or taking a new photo.

Can I edit my profile data?

Yes. You can update your profile data.

Can I connect to Facebook and Twitter?

Zaxme allows you to post to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. You need to click on the Facebook and Twitter buttons within ‘my profile’ page.

I see DOB being requested from me. Will this information be shared?

No. Zaxme will never share your Personally Identifiable Information with anybody. This information is needed to validate your age, which should be at least 13 years to be a Zaxme user.

I see many options in the 'my profile' page. What are they for?

In the ‘my profile’ page, you can see your favorite Zaxes, your own Zaxes, your Quests?, your groups, and your trusted circle members.

What is the 'invite contacts' option in my profile?

Zaxme provides different ways to invite your contacts to Zaxme. You can use social media platforms like Facebook and Whatsapp. You can even use email, a phone messaging service (SMS), or Skype.

Where can I find help videos?

In the ‘my profile’ page, click the help icon and you can view our how-to videos.

Am I allowed to send feedback?

Yes. Feedback is a gift and we accept all types of feedback. Please click on feedback and send us detailed feedback to make this app a world-class trusted app.

I am seeing mutual connections with a Zaxer. What does this mean?

Zaxme lets you view your connections with people. If you click on mutual connection, you will see how that person is connected with you. This connection is an outer circle connection that you may request to be connected to.

Will Zaxme slow my phone down?

Zaxme won’t slow your phone down. Your retrieval of Zaxes and Quests? will depend upon your data speed. All of your pictures, audio and video files are stored on our servers, as to not slow down or use up your phone data storage.

How does Zaxme ensure security of my data?

Zaxme encrypts the data on its servers. Only your trusted contacts can see your data. Nobody can log into your Zaxme account unless you allow them to use your phone.

Will Zaxme share my personal information like name, phone number and email with third parties?

No, Zaxme will never release your name or Personally Identifiable Information with anybody except with Law Enforcement Agencies upon the request from Court of Law for legitimate purpose.

What happens if I change my phone number? Will I still have access to my account?

Your Zaxme ID is connected to your phone number and email. If you change your phone number, you will have to enter your email to receive OTP (One Time Passcode).

Can I place links within a Zax?

Yes, you can place hyperlinks within any Zax.

Can I copy and paste within a Zax?

Yes, you can copy and paste content within the body of the Zax.

What is OTP?

One-Time Password (OTP) is an automatically generated numeric or alphanumeric string of characters that authenticates the user for a single transaction or session.

Since my profile is tied to phone number, how do I change my device and phone number?

After changing the phone number, log in to Zaxme application. In the login process, you will get OTP sent to email and phone number. Use the OTP and sign in. After sign in, navigate to your profile and update your phone number.

Who are trusted contacts?

Trusted contacts are the contacts from your phone contacts (which most people add to their phone from many sources). You can add more trusted contacts at any time. You have the option of loading all at once or when you create a trusted circle.